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To invest you need a minimum of 100 $/€, this amount is what you will deposit in the broker.

  • 100$/€ = 1 Week of VIP Signals
  • 350$/€ = 1 Month of VIP Signals
  • 500$/€ = 1 Year of VIP Signals

There’s no fees or hidding costs behind. The amount that you deposit is for you to trade with and you can withdrawal whenever you want.

Important: You have to register at the link below 👇🏼 

BDSWISS is a 100% secure broker with Cysec and FSC Regulations. Contact us by Telegram or Instagram if you have any questions. (Telegram @sv3trading) (Instagram @sv3trading.oficial)

Send us a deposit screenshot via Instagram @sv3trading.oficial or Telegram @sv3trading

We will quickly send you access to the vip group

We send you the access, and we explain how it works.

All you have to do is install telegram to join the group

What Signals Means?

They are investment opportunities, we study the market and tell you where to invest.

You only have to put the data we send you on your phone.

Do not worry if you are a beginner, we offer personalized attention, we solve any doubt that you might have.


How much money do I need to start?

We recommend you start with a minimum of 250 €. The minimum deposit of the broker that we recommend is $ 100. Sign up here

What is a Stop Loss (SL) ?

It is the value where the operation will close with losses, we must move it as explained here

What is a pip?

It is the smallest movement that a type of change can make. It is the unit in which the losses or gains are measured.

How much a pip worth?

Simplifying the explanation:

If we operate the currency EUR / USD with a rating of 0.01. A movement of one pip would be 0.10 USD.

If we operate with a lotion of 0.10, for each movement of a pip it would be 1 USD

If we operate with a lojate of 1.00 each movement of a pip would be 10 euros

What is a leverage ?

Leverage is a tool that allows you to operate with larger sums, having only a part of the sum. For example, with a 1: 100 leverage, you can carry out operations of a volume of € 100,000, with only € 1,000 of capital.

This is a double-edged sword, because it allows us to earn money faster, but the risk is greater.

What is a Take Profit (TP)?

It is the value where the operation will close with profits, we offer 3 TP, we must move it as we explain here


How long is the subscription?

30 Days from the payment.



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