How to partially close a position in MT4

Learn how to close Forex Partially Close in MT4, this method consists of dividing a trade in 2, one part is closed and the other part remains open.

Plese, If you are a beginner check out the following post, where we explain how to manage the signals. 


Closing Partials to Secure Benefits

In our VIP Signal Group we recommend partial close when a trade has a profit of 25 to 30 pips. For example, if we have a 0.10 lot trade, we would close a partial of 0.05 (with 30 pips profit) and the other trade would still be active (in this open trade we have to move your SL to the entry price). This way we ensure profits and keep half of the trade.

There are two possible situations, the trade that remains open can go against (nothing would happen, because the SL is at the entry price) or can go in favor of the other Take Profits.

How to Partially Close a Position in Metatrader 4

1. Drag the operation to the left and click on the first option.

2. We modify the lot to 50%, that is, if you have a lot of 1.00 modify to 0.50.

 3. We closed half the operation and the other half is still active.

4. Change the SL of the open trade, set SL to the entry price and set the highest take profit,

With this situation we have nothing to lose, so we recommend modifying the TP of the operation that remains open.

When to Close the Open Trade?

You decide when to close that trade, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. It’s your choice to wait until you reach the last TP or close before

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